Sunday, May 29, 2011

To Ponder....

Everything Jesus did for us was to heal us; spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. He will be the only one in Heaven with scars. ~~~~Tonya Willman

Monday, May 23, 2011

RANDOM RANT...I didn't even see it coming myself...

Dear Blogspot and Google.....you have been annoying all night.Asking me to sign in over 20 times, and then type in what I think I see on the weird twisty word you have put on the screen as code to protect us from the evil spider-bots...Something refused to let me in my own door...to my own blog...MINE! So I tried ten things all at once...every piteous pc trick I know...Okay, so one worked, but since I have zero patience to do them one by one, it just became like blindly throwing all of the darts at once...
Still I am in now boys...and I plan to NEVER sign out!!!!! *evol laugh.
 But, was it really you, or something else that crept into my computer? Some sort of mal-ware disguised as a harmless piece of fluff on say, Jennifer Anniston's new "do"...not that I cared, but I HAD to go look...
Anyway, something was amiss, something ran amok. Cyber-gremlins skulking and lurking and refusing to let me sign in....over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over......see! I just had to give the whole internet a big shove cuz it was stuck...
You may have come to realize that this is not a well thought out post. This has all the depth of a barely filled teaspoon. But still these things must be said because it is the little annoyances that really make you want to leap inside your computer screen and swim around until you get to Bill Gates cyber-house, ring his cyber-doorbell and run like the wind!!! And also that little Mark Zimmerman dude who has become much like the Emperor in Star Wars, controlling the Galactic---Face Book---empire, only in baggy hobbit pants, $800.00 sneakers and a Rolex...Boy, I see you playing with us, like so many puppets on a string. The power has went straight to your pointy little head...and what was up with all the spammer/hackers getting through last week? Somebody must have NOT been minding the store while possibly playing Mortal Combat 3, or Grand Theft Auto...So what? they just stuck all of FB on auto-pilot? The cyber version of leaving the phone off the hook?....we were NOT amused.
Also, shame on Harold Camping, you Big Nim-Wad, False-Prophet Dork! Thanks for making something as awesomely anticipated for the believer, as the Rapture of the Church into a laughing stock for the whole world.,,,,And now you have the gall to say that you are perplexed???? Are you equally perplexed about what to do with all of the funds your followers liquidated and turned over to you????   89, Harold...you are 89!!! For shame!!! And NOW you are setting it up for a repeat in October...oh the humanity.
Okay, so the newly renamed 'Discovery Fit and Health Channel---now owned by Oprah, I think....since signals coming from as far away as Mars basically are-----is advertising that Wednesday nights are going to be all about sex...sex, sex, sex.....weird, scary, kinky, dangerous,.....AND the ad asks "Do we want help with it in our lives?" They promise 'no pillow unturned'...AND I shiznit you not, they are calling it---ready?---Hump-Day----get it? Wednesday...sex...hump day???? I think we should all immediately go puke into USPS leak-proof shipping containers and mail them directly to the Discovery Channel offices. Be sure to ask about the extra charges to get your precious cargo there by WEDNESDAY!!! When they ask if we are mailing anything dangerous or explosive, we can just simply say..."Not anymore.... Just list it as commentary."
Also---no haters please---Dear Mr. Obama....please remove your nose from Israels business and borders. I am sure Mexico would love to have a chat with you about California and Texas....
Whew, well I just feel worlds better...didn't even write this out in 'Word' first....a rant is not a tidy thing is it? A rant is like the brain's version of a great need to release the pressure. Nobody says it is pretty, and it pretty much clears the room...but sometimes it is just oh-so-needful...Tonya Willman copyright 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Moving the Hand Of God.

     We cannot please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6). So when we pray; we ask and we believe. Well, we say we believe, but how do our words and our heart line up? However much they do, this is the measure of our faith.
     Do we pray with a thankful heart, and believe, but then contradict ourselves by going around expressing things such as; “But what if?” and “Nothing’s happening” or “This situation is never going to change.” If we do this; how is that faith? How does it please God?  Why do we wonder when nothing changes? The Bible tells me that words are powerful things. They carry the seeds of life and death. The first chapter of the book of John tells us that Jesus is The Word. He is Logos. He spoke the world into being. If Christians are to be imitators of our Lord, we come to realize the power that words hold in our lives and the lives of those to whom we speak them.  Proverbs 23: says that, “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” What we think, we speak. Jesus taught us a great deal about faith, He said astonishing things such as, “I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, 'May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,' and it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart.” Mark 11:23---This is deeply profound, and possibly well over my head. I have often wondered why exactly I would pray for a mountain to be thrown into the ocean..... But I am thinking that He made a hugely amazing statement to prove an astounding point. The combination of speaking out our faith and prayer moves the hand of God.
So why do we pray? Many reasons come to mind, but one vital reason is that God want us to trust Him and lay astonishing requests before Him. He wants to do mighty things for us. The first chapter of James tells us to ask, and God, who gives liberally, will give us all that we ask. But we must not doubt. We must not ask ‘double-minded’ or we cannot expect anything. He tells us that a double-minded person is unstable in all of their ways. I know that feeling. I have spent many an unstable day just agonizing back and forth on simply things that should have been laid at the feet of Christ and left there.
    Here is the thing I have been realizing. When you pray, either you believe that God is answering, or don’t bother to pray. Otherwise it is a useless exercise and you may as well just be reading of a laundry list of your own, and other’s miseries. Engaging in prayer with God is about expectation. Expectation that first; He always hears, and then secondly that He always answers. Even if the answer is no, or if it is not what we anticipated or wanted, He always answers. There must be a trust that He is taking care of it, or else why do we come? Why do we take the time? It becomes all form and no content.
So when I have finished praying and asking for something, and after I have said ‘amen’, then my words (and attitude) to those around me, and the silent resolve of my heart and mind must be, “Yes”. It must be settled and done. Jesus tells us to keep coming and asking. But, I think that it must be with a sense of praise, thankfulness and expectation for answers that I have not yet beheld, but are never-the-less there and simply, in this moment, in the realm of the unseen. Tonya Willman, © 2011 

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Within the busyness of this world, which of us fully lives in appreciation of this particular moment, I mean this exact sixty-seconds. We are human, with bills to pay and jobs to work at and oh-so-important things to get done. There are a million distractions that invite us not to pay attention to, or show up for our own lives. This time in which we live clearly seems to be the age of living vicariously through others. It occurs to me that this is a very human condition, but also very sad.
Gratitude, contentment and appreciation for those people God has chosen to surround us with is divine illumination. Sometimes we only get it in flashes with the rest of the time taken up with stumbling in the shadows of existing,and the blurriness of life daily lived.
Who among us can always be mindful that life can change forever with the next breath, the next heart beat. Things change and no matter how we wish them back, they cannot come. Change is inevitable, we know this, so why are we always so blind-sided when it comes? Wouldn't it be amazing if we each knew the exact moment that our lives had reached their happiest milestones? But, like missing an exit on the freeway, we often do not realize it until we are miles past. Sorrow and regret do not alter it, but I am trying to remember that slowing down and at least trying to read the signs does help...Tonya Willman *copyright 2011