Sunday, July 17, 2011

Enquiring Aliens want to know....

Main-stream television news stinks.
The talking heads that deliver it make me want to shudder all the more.
And then what is even worse than that?
The typical stories reported about the latest weeknight antics of
the hottest no-talent-pop-tart as though they were reporting on
actual peace talks in the Middle East.
How did main stream media become The National Enquirer?
I do not give a tiny-rats-heiny about
frolicsome stories like; which reality star cheated on what other fame trollop.
And why in the world would I care who is gay or straight,
or entering or leaving weekly Rehab?
while the reporter, who is earnestly reporting these vacuous stories
gazes gravely into the camera as though
reporting about Lady Ga-Ga’s meat-dress is
somehow on par with sharing with us a possible cure for cancer,
the ultimate fate of the Social Security System, or
even, say, a fireman saving a kitten from a tree…
So, I decided to get my news online instead.
I figured I could pick and choose
in a manner that would actually contribute to my mental health.
But sadly, I think it’s too late, I seem to have been taken over by the Aliens
that the National Enquirer always said were coming.
They force me to read useless drivel that I care nothing about.
I think my being let loose to roam online is worse than news networks…
Oh sure, I may have rid myself of the sickeningly
earnest-faced television reporter,
but now I must read copy that I feel sure was written whilst the writer was
simultaneously performing the vital task of either; playing with his I-Pad,
or trimming his toenails, and possibly even all three at once!
The Aliens also force me to click on the articles about;
“which starlet wore their identical outfits better.”
I don’t know why I do this…I truly do not care, and yet I am compelled.
It’s like a car wreck….I gotta look…
even though I am old now and do not know
who over 90% of them are…
Yet, shamefully, I actually find myself taking the time to earnestly critique
their accessories in making my final judgment,
 as though world peace hung in the balance!
It HAS to be the Enquiring Aliens…because if it is not, then what?
I could make the Wall Street Journal my home page
 if I even just cared a leetle bit more.
Of course once one decides to get their news from
 an agency called ‘Yahoo’ it is pretty much saying;
“I just don’t have the will to care anymore, and I like it….”
Just a few short years ago; Googling, Yahooing or
admitting that you seriously received “hotmail
would have made you look the fool you are.
Now, if you cannot juggle all three simultaneously on your
 IPad, IPhone or Smart Phone, whilst tweeting and texting,
then you just do not deserve to know what is possibly in-store for
 the new season of The Bachelor, or what Snookie is up to!
God help me, I know who Snookie is.
Don’t judge me! I do not watch the show, but she is everywhere, from the Jersey Shores to the Gulf Stream waters…
little stocky, furry uggs, daisy duke shorts wearing, and tan-in-a-can blazing like a bright beacon to the vacuousness that is creeping over everything  we think, do or read.
The National Enquirer Aliens have taken over. We walk about with invisible,
temporal face-huggers stuck to our frontal lobes,
they ride us happily as they lap up their primary food source,
which is:
complete ignorance of the intricacies of world-issues and global,social chaos.
It is deliciousness to them. They are cultural vampires,
bleeding us dry of the will to care about the budget or if global warming
is real, or just some colossal joke.
And do these Aliens get dessert?
Oh yes! That happens when we believe everything
that the mainstream ‘media’ feeds us. Yummy!
Fat, happy, happy Aliens….
Oh well, I read where when all else fails, there is always tofu and Sudoku…
In their own way, they’re each supposed to keep the Alzheimer’s away.
May be they chase the National Enquirer Aliens away too!
Sounds like a plan, as long as we remember that;
living longer, or even just being able to easily
locate our keys does not necessarily mean living smarter.
But then again, Enquiring minds want to know… Tonya Willman

Monday, July 11, 2011


So I am behind on my blog….I need to be writing something sparklingly witty. I need to be telling you of my wonderful trip I just took, how it changed my life…..
Well it did change my life…but not how I thought. Have you ever had something happen that seems preposterously unreal? Have you just never in a million years thought that a thing was possible, so much so that it never even entered your mind that it ever really could happen? Well I did. I have heard of people losing friendships who just say, very matter-of-factly; “Yeah we’re just not friends any more, that is done, that is over.” Wow…well, that just doesn’t happen in my life….. Except that; now it does.
Well, so then----in case you are a novice and have never had this happen---- you go through a grieving process. I think it is really similar to what happens with death…Of course I don’t mean your own death…I am not worried about that, and am definitely sure that because of my Savior Jesus, it is going to be EPIC!
No, here I am referring to the loss of family or a friend…you know the Kubler-Ross stages…I used to have them memorized and now they elude me, but I remember that in the grieving, is first; shock and denial, then anger, then sadness and finally acceptance. PLUS---right at the same time--- I also had two other people that I love and trust hurt me in rapid succession…..I was thinking “Are ya kiddin’ me???” I mean seriously! Sometimes Satan is just WAAAAY too obvious. Of course though I could actually kind of see the humor in it, it did not make the pain any less. It was all like some big colossal cosmic joke/nightmare and the punch-line really hurt!…AND---just to paint a really big picture for you--- I got either stomach flu or food poisoning to boot. Huh…..I mean it just truly makes you say, “Huh…”
Anyway…so I have been going through all of those grieving stages. It is just beyond weird. I wandered aimlessly for a bit, blathering my bewilderedness and grief to anyone who would listen. I did not know what to do with someone telling me; “I am done with you.”
How does that even work? I am still baffled. Then folks…I was angry. Oh I will leave it at that. Just spit -nails angry. And lots of prayer, SO much prayer.
Then I went to church this Sunday and they were taking communion. I thought OH NO! You know, you cannot be carrying ANYTHING against anyone in your heart when you take communion. It is a VERY serious matter. The Bible tells us that people can actually become sick and can even die from taking communion with anything between them and God. Oh serious scariness!!!!!  I felt like I had come to a cross-road. I mean I felt like I had been letting things go, ‘working’ on forgiveness, but here is what God said to my heart; there is NO ‘working’ on it, there is only releasing. He reminded me, “Look at everything I have forgiven you, you MUST be willing to do the same.” So the love of Christ compels me. I took communion and now it has become my moment by moment reminder of the deliberate decision I made to forgive. He will take care of the rest.
But still I am left with the empty space that was a friendship. The space that was taken up with what I felt sure was love and understanding in the most difficult of circumstances…..
So here is the fathomless love of Christ: He fills up the void. He gives grace to untie---on your own side---the ties that moored you to that person for so long. He gives you a desire to pray for them every day and wish them the best, but to be okay with their absence. He gives you the wind to fill up your sails and set sail. It is a miracle. How does that even happen? Eventually you begin to feel the peace that surpasses all understanding stealing up, around and over you. He gives you your emotional sea-legs again. What is the destination? Who knows? Did you ever really know that anyway? No. You just thought you would always be sailing with the same crew.
So, life looks different now, but I wish those who have let me go nothing but love, peace and blessings. I cannot fix their hurts; I truly did not know that I caused them in the first place. I am not saying that to diminish their feelings. It makes me so sad that they feel the things that they do, and they will feel what they feel. But I cannot walk around in any of that any more. So like so many other people; “I had a friendship and it is gone.” Now I am beginning to understand the matter-of-factness that comes along with a statement like that. But I also know the secret; that empty space can only be filled up with the love of the one who will always stick closer than a brother. Yeah, so I used to have this one friendship, but I don’t now….. I am sailing. Tonya Willman © 2011